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Town and Municipal Elections for Shelburne 2020

  A new face for the old town of Shelburne Nova Scotia. Both Town and Municipal Elections are now over. Day to day business can resume. On  October 6, 2020 Our BLOG talked about the opportunity for change. One main issue was the use of the Rail trail. So, what happened with regard to that Rail Trail decision? <<According to the town, voter turnout in the election was 58.6 per cent. There was also a non-binding plebiscite question on the ballot. The question was: Should the rail trail as it passes through town be open to off-highway vehicles? There were 423 No votes and 374 Yes votes.>> Currently to get the Town of Shelburne results, one can read The Chronicle Herald article that provides the numbers quoted above; as well as, who's been elected as mayor and council. In time the Town of Shelburne will update their  Website for easy reference. The Municipality has already updated their page to reflect the recent election.  So, while the non-binding plebiscite on t

High Speed Internet - Welshtown Area - Update

  Fibre Optic is now available in the Welshtown area of the Municipality of Shelburne, NS. In the July 14, 2020 - High Speed Internet BLOG we talked about the upgrade in anticipation of the install. At long last it has happened. Why did it take our area so long and have their been other issues? Good question and deserving of some answers. Over the last few days we've had a pile of information thrown at us and a few decisions to make. The picture above is the net outcome of it all but what a ride! During our Yearly Management Review , some time was spent on site reviewing the property and how far along the running of new cable had progressed. Prior to arrival, Nova Scotia Power had cut trees along the roadside to allow the installation of a new Power Line. During August, they did manage to place the poles in the ground. Soon after leaving Shelburne Nova Scotia, we were informed that the Fibre Crew were stringing of cable along the road. Our part was to have a Fibre Optic strung fro

Upcoming Town and Municipal elections...

  Titan can be heard snarling and barking like a ferocious wild animal while he sleeps. He is dreaming. About what, I don't think anyone really knows. By day, he is a lovable Labrador quietly nudging for attention. Everybody has dreams. Some dreams we have while we sleep while others dreams while awake. It is these wakeful dreams of what could be, that can drive things forward or possibly into stagnation if they are to wild or ungoverned.  The Town Shelburne has an upcoming election for Town Council. The candidates are projecting what they believe they can accomplish and the towns people are looking for a way forward. Of concern for all are the Budgetary issues. Other common issues look to be available activities for youth, the cost of food, the Rail Trail and the issue of growth. Growth will occur within the area over time regardless of it being managed or not. No one has a crystal ball that sees into the future. Looking into the past to project a future vision can be difficult. M