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Free Seafood - But, be careful....

Eating contaminated shellfish can cause serious illness or be fatal. Check The MAP First! The Canadian Government has provided an interactive MAP that identifies where and when it is safe to eat bivalve shellfish (Clams and stuff). In the maritime provinces you don't need a license to do a little digging but you do have some restrictions. Again, the Canadian Government has provided Guidelines and if you follow them, things should be good. The map and the guidelines go hand and hand. An old caution was.. >>Following the “ R ” Rule for Shellfish . Common lore states that we should only be eating shellfish , especially oysters, in months with the letter “ R .” So we can help ourselves to all the oysters, mussels , and clams we can eat from September through April, but put the brakes on come May.<< The concern was the "Red Tide".... >>The idea of not eating oysters during months without an 'R ' comes from the fact that the summer months

Weather Changes Everything?

Temperatures for June 19, 2020, East Coast Canada The Maritime Weather Agency is a simple Facebook Page and yes, it has supplied the graphic for this weeks Blog. The wind blowing from the South West up the Coast, along the Eastern Seaboard flows over the Atlantic Ocean, wisping over temperatures of about 10 degrees Celsius. As that cool air hits the land it starts to warm transforming an acceptable breeze into a stifling wave of hot dry air as it moves North deeper into the East Coast. Warm temperatures start early in the year warming the land from its winter slumber; however, the flourishing life of spring gives way to a dormant summer due to persistent dry blue skies. As a tourist it's a fun way to spend ones summer; however, as a resident you've got to live through it year after year. It is always good as a vacationer to find the "Optimum" spot to enjoy. Breathing clean salt ocean air with a bit of moisture and a hint of coolness left in it is refreshi

Doers & Dreamers Guide 2020 - Welshtown Haven

Doers & Dreamers Guide 2020 - Welshtown Haven At long last Welshtown Haven has made the "Doers &Dreamers" Guide for 2020 . It's gonna be a big year for us! Or, at least that has been the thought all along this long road we've travelled to get here. While our family has been "Vacationing" in Shelburne for a number of years now, we've posted pictures dated Fall 2018 a number of time. We had attempted to qualify for the Doers & Dreamers Guide late 2017; however, ended up having a number of deficiencies. 2018 during July, a number of those deficiencies were addressed; however, the list was not completed. An earlier Blog talked about the Front Hallway and it's evolution; however, those stairs leading from the 1st to 2nd Floor were on the list and needed to be painted. Prior to painting, the old paint needed to be stripped and the whole thing sanded. Yes, prior to that, all the nails and staples needed pulling. A couple other little th

The Neutral Position of Business Owners.

The above meme was created by the young family that run the Omnivore's Homestead And Quivers Web Site and Facebook page. Yes, us at "Welshtown Haven" have a desire to evolve the property beyond what it currently is. At some point having some type of "Homestead" would be fun; however, we are not there yet. In the mean time, we do spend time reviewing such pages and others, that talk about keeping small farmyard animals and such. It's educational; as well as, entertaining. The Meme, or the text of the Meme, is the point of this weeks Blog, not the "Homesteading" aspect. Maybe some day if we've some big news we'll post one or more weeks worth of content. We'd also enjoy talking about local South Shore Hobby Farms / Homesteads, again a possible topic for upcoming weeks. The issue of not speaking ones mind when representing a small enterprise is today's topic. Other then the words of the Meme, not much more to add really other

COVID-19 - Provincial Border Crossing

2018 August, Lockport, Overcast, Crescent Beach  Sophia Harris · CBC News · Posted: May 31, 2020 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: June 1, article titled Planning a Canadian vacation? Some provinces may be off limits. Here's what you need to know leads to some big questions of mobility. A secondary source COVID-19: Can they do that? Part IX: Enforcement of Emergency Measures was written / dated April 07, 2020 provides that law firms then perspective on the state of the nation. Sophia's CBC article I believe to be more up to date. Sophia Harris identifies: "Currently, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and the territories are banning visitors from other provinces." and later in the article: "In New Brunswick and P.E.I., peace officers stationed at land border crossings are authorized to turn travellers away if they attempt to enter. ". So, New Brunswick has effectively created a proverbial bottle neck and barrier