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Small Business Banking - Not always easy....

Facilitating Transactions is not always easy. First off, lets put things into perspective..... I'm of the belief that our Banks offer services to its "Clients". The Grocery store has "Customers", so a difference exist between Client Vs. Customer OK? Now, the next little concept is the "Know your Client" mantra. A Bank should know its clients; however, this day and age of branch-less banking it is becoming even more difficult to get to know your bankers and in turn, them knowing you. So, when something silly comes up and you plop yourself down in front of bank employees, they are caught a little off guard..... They don't know you and if you really represent what you say,. How do banks make a profit? Well, ya, they take deposits and then lend the money out but it's a bit more involved then that cause you have to understand the " Bank Efficiency Ratio ". So, the classical role of a bank is to efficiently manage funds. They nee

Digital Footprint - Trip Advisor & Air BNB

Trip Advisor Modern Technology, Web based technology has evolved allowing the tracking of location and device. Yes, nothing new to those accustom to today's technologies; however, invasive for those older who are trying to keep up with today's world. 2019, our management group had left head office to perform an on site inspection of our property with the expectation of logging onto the Air BNB and Trip Advisor Accounts while there. Sounds simple enough; however, changing location and device raises some Red Flags on both sites. Our ability to login at that time had been hindered. Yes, Welshtown Haven has an older management group and at times resistant to change or the adaptation of newer technologies. Our background being systems one would think otherwise. Also, due to our background, audit and control, the separation of function has also been ingrained upon us and to this end, at the time no SMS Text Messaging abilities had been entered into either Air BNB or Trip Ad

Fibre Optic Cable - High Speed Internet - Upper Clyde Rd.

May 29, 2019 - Fibre Optic - Municipality of the District of Shelburne The Municipality of Shelburne Nova Scotia announced on its Facebook Page that Fibre Optic would be available to a host of new customers in the not so distant future. 2020/02/07 - While feeling blessed to have our All Season Weekly Rental Vacation House rented out this past winter, it has not been without mishap. Small things and mostly relating to the technology used for entertainment have happened. The current setup is a Cellular Data Router that provides blistering fast I-Net; however, it is costly. One discussion with our Property Manager garnered a response of: << no need to go over it again, fibre opt is now available in welshtown and they are doing hook up now might be something you may want to look into >>. So, with this..... yet another adventure is initiated!  2020/02/26 - Phoned Bell Aliant Office in Yarmouth inquiring about Fibre Optic hookup availability. They were unaware of anythin

Check before you Burn - Tinderbox that is Nova Scotia

Check before you Burn I recall one morning drinking coffee on the side deck, watching a buzz of activity by the crew who'd shown up that day to move the house forward. Nothing special about the activity; however, one guy who'd been actively puttering about with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth had stopped his productive activities. He stood on the short grass looking down as if to search for something then shift and repeat the process. The worker glanced at another worker, and so this other worker joins that first worker, who was now mostly transfixed upon the ground. The search was on but for what I did not know. Being a take action type of guy I set the coffee upon the railing of the deck, placed my forearms upon it, leaned towards the men and asked the obvious question.... "What's up?". Well, they looked at me, at the ground and the one guy flicked the cigarette in his hand then continued to fixate upon the grass. Evidently at this point I should be f