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Twas the Night before Christmas

Expectation Management While Vacationing

Above picture was taken in Yarmouth 2019, August. Welshtown Haven Inc. is managed day to day by a local Property Management Company; however, it is owned by a couple of old IT people who've been suffering from a midlife crises. We are not Tourism Specialists, Journalists or News people. We're simple folk. Recently a CBC Review of Nova Scotia Tourism Feedback was published providing a critique of tourists response. It's a fun article to read; as well as, the comments. Again, we're simple folk and not from the "East Coast" but we've for some strange reason put together Welshtown Haven. What motivated us to do so? What's so special about the "East Coast Adventure" to cause us to make such an investment? The CBC article I fear misses the point. The people in metropolitan areas (GTA, Golden Horseshoe) live a daily life in a context that is far removed from what can be found in the East Coast. The population density is less, the

2020 - August - East Coast Albacore Championship?

Above is an aerial view of Shelburne Harbor, it is said to be the 2nd largest natural deep water harbor in the world. If you look into it a few places make such a claim; however, for anyone to make such a claim they better have something to show for it and South Shore Nova Scotia has something!   It was just last year that Shelburne pulled off the Albacore Internationals Regatta of the Year , where it hosted participants from across the world. The weather played its part and the local residents hosted the event without a hitch (lets not talk about the local brush fire and billowing smoke for a couple days).  Ok, can one believe what one reads upon Facebook? Snooping about a small little post may have some significant implications for that small town of Shelburne Nova Scotia as it pertains to Summer 2020! In that little screen snippet below, in black and white one can read "2020 East Coast Albacore Championship will be held in Shelburne, NS...". I've a

Oil Usage - November.....

Now, the house is not perfect, far from it. Due to the passive ventilation within the house, the 2nd floor is persistently about 3 degrees warmer then the main floor. In the summer this can have its difficulties unless the windows are left open on the main floor; as well as, on the 2nd.  Through late spring, into the fall, leaving the windows open for a draft is the thing to do. The evening are cool and the house will draw a natural draft.. Getting into the winter months, the question is.... Just how difficult is it to heat this old farmhouse? The two pictures represent the month of November.  Just over 1/2 a tank of Oil, picture taken November 1st, 2019. The second picture taken November 30th, 2019 identifies just over 1/4 of a tank remains. So, in simple terms the month of November represents about 1/4 tank of oil. We've been following Social Media (Facebook Groups) that relate to living in Nova Scotia and often people post about the cost of heating a house f