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Evolution of the Front Hallway

In the Beginning At the End Ever have loads of directories filled with pictures but the photos you want just can not be found? Perspective is everything and sadly, the shot we're looking for with the correct perspective just can not be found. See photo to the right. Yep, that's where we're at now! Honestly, when we started the process, we didn't know how it would turn out. Why is it interesting or worth writing about? We gutted this house and rebuilt it from the studs, using a more open concept. This allowed the light to shine though. The travel pattern for the main floor was completely altered, the finished product allows for guests to walk down the middle of the house instead of having to traffic through the rooms to the right or left. Check the photos ( Evolution of the Front Hallway ) and you'll get an idea of the profound changes that took place in removing an unused Red Brick Fireplace and Chimney. We've seen others post

2019 Shelburne Nova Scotia, preporation for Christmas! (Yes, it's happening!)

Yes, that time of year is once again upon us.... Christmas! The little town of Shelburne, situated in South Shore Nova Scotia is in the process of preparing for the years event (See link to "The Coast Guard" article below). Why's this important? Well, each year the town puts together a truly community event. Residence of the local municipality; as well as, those from local towns, migrate to this little town to participate in or watch festivities. The craft show provides for a good walk around, an opportunity to have your child visit Santa is provided and yes, they have a parade. Yes, it's all pretty standard stuff but it holds with it the ambiance of  the small town. For locals, it's nothing new, its an opportunity to get together during the colder months. For those who have traveled from afar and take the time to experience, they'll see an extended family celebrating together.

New BLOG Tool....

New Post or Blog for a new tool. Up until now, we've been using Facebook to handle our primary Social Media needs; however, it appears that a profile name of "Welshtown Haven" is not allowed or permitted. Something about all profiles must relate back to real people and companies are not allowed. Well, Welshtown Haven Inc. is a properly registered company (with said name) but they got us on it not being a "Person". In turn, Welshtown Haven is looking for a new mechanism to facilitate our Social Media Needs. Our hope with this "Blogger" application is to be able to continue with one "Blog" every week talking about whats up and happening in South Shore Nova Scotia or more specifically, what's happening at our Vacation House. How all of this will propagate to our Facebook Page "Welshtown Haven Inc.", who knows? This Blog entry while being the first, will also serve as a test mechanism for pushing content onto our Facebook Page. In t