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Nova Scotia Self Isolation and the Fixed Roof Accommodation Act

  If it is on Facebook, it must be true? Well, the above was an informational Meme found On Facebook and kinda spells out the implications of what a 14 day Quarantine means.  The Nova Scotia Government have a fairly good  COVID-19 Website that provides some hot topic sub links. The "Symptoms and Testing" spells out the 14 day self Isolation requirement. The provincial government is taking things very seriously as spelled out in our earlier Blog " CKBW Social Isolation made easy ", back in August 04.  Fixed Roof Accommodation Act spells out that 28 days or less is considered a "Short Term Accommodation" and to offer these short term accommodations, the provider needs to have been granted a license. So, this weeks BLOG we will ponder the issue of Who, What Where and Why implications while trying to mesh the two issues. The would-be tourist looking to secure lodging in Nova Scotia for Self Isolation will need a reason for entry into the province, a place to

BILL NO. 101 - Tourist Accommodations Registration Act

  Tourist Accommodations Registration Act The management of Welshtown Haven Inc., are not legal experts nor do we wish to project ourselves as such. If anything that follows interests you, please seek professional legal advice. Our opinion may not reflect the intent of the act or the intentions of the Nova Scotia Government. What is written below is observation on our part only. In 2019, the province of Nova Scotia passed some legislation regarding Tourist Accommodations. In short, they are defining some responsibilities. We've provided the link above and we'll talk about some of it below. Now, lets look at the timing of this new act. It received Royal Assent on April 12, 2019. This means that anyone falling into the business construct of Short Term Accommodation (as defined by the act) are now falling under these laws. In Nova Scotia, the tourism season starts in April 1st, with a new "Fixed Roof Accommodation" license payed for by the provider around this date. It h

2020 - South of the 49th Parallel - US of A

  The first polls will close at 6 p.m. Eastern time and with luck the world will sleep at peace, the world will not end. It is expected that the counting of ballots will result in an uneventful resolution to the 2020 Election for the US of A. Canada being North of the 49th Parallel is always affected by its big neighbour to the South. Many Canadians are glued to devices watching this 2020 US of A election unfold. South Shore Nova Scotia is home to many a "Summer House" and has always received our US of A neighbours with open arms, regardless of who leads the country. So, in a nut shell, for South Shore, Welshtown Haven, an All Season, Weekly Rental Vacation House.... We look forward in continuing to offer our humble accommodation to all, regardless of who wins tonight.