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Toronto Boat Show - 2020 - Where was the Nova Scotia Tourism Indusry?

Shelburne Harbor, 2012 Tall Ships visited. Check out the Album here Blog for the week is directed towards the tourism industry for Nova Scotia and most specifically South Shore. Last weekend, the Toronto Boat Show occurred and Welshtown Haven   had the opportunity to look around as spectators. The event was to draw boat enthusiasts from around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Friday evening ended up being a good time to attend in that few were walking the floor. It was Friday Evening and heavy rain. I'd guess, the bulk of boaters would show up with families over the weekend. For the most part, boats were being displayed. Big ones and Little ones and a lot in between. Other then boats a range of other vendors / tables were set up to coax visitors to sign up or buy a secondary product. The most odd was mesh for ones eaves troughs. Some of the more obvious were the local (to GTA) marina and sailing school's. While speaking with these secondary service providers, we'd

2018 - Inside Welshtown Haven (with a couple newer photos)

The above photo is of the Apple Tree in the middle of the backyard. Last couple weeks we've talked about other things, things other then what is "Welshtown Haven". It is good to talk about the local area; however, recently our old mechanism for posting "Blogs" changed. Our older "Blogs" can be found in "Facebook" in a public group "Welshtown Haven - Why?", feel free to review them if you wish. To the best of our knowledge, our property has not changed much over the last couple years. I'd expect a frantic phone call from our property manager if any material difference cropped up. This being said, the pictures taken back in 2018 should still be valid. Using Google Albums once more, the photos have been uploaded for your review. Click -->> Here <<-- to review the pictures. What do we have inside that house? A couple weeks ago we posted about the evolution of the "Front Hall". In that Blog, it can be

Into the Unknown your child must go!

Providing an opportunity for ones children to explore is sometime the best / biggest gift a parent can give a child. Growing up in a more rural setting I did have the opportunity to run through the fields; however, those fields were bulldozed years ago and housing developments now stand where Apple Trees once stood. Came across an article that identified Kids Spend Less Time Outdoors and reflected back quickly to my upbringing; as well as, what we've managed to provide to our child. We've posted about how wonderful "Welshtown Haven" is and what an adventure it could be for wannabe vacationers but pulling back from all of that I sat back and thought about it. Has our adventure added value to our child's life? Has she evolved differently then if left alone within the neighborhood she lives within (Greater Toronto Area)? This past Christmas, one gift our child wanted was a "Hatchet". I kid you not! The picture above is of her a few years ago, she&#

Allan Reid's Video's of Shelburne Nova Scotia.

The above picture is taken at / from Shelburne Harbour. Location: Cox's Warehouse, It is difficult sometimes envisioning how a vacation is going to unfold. The thought of picking up and traveling to some distant place, while exciting can also be nerve racking. Yes, tourism information is available for just about anywhere; however, sometimes finding some simple stuff that depicts the reality behind the marketing helps clarify what one is getting into. Welshtown Haven advertises itself as an "All Season, Weekly Rental Vacation House". Yes, it is locate in South Shore Nova Scotia and yes it is minutes away from the Historic Town of Shelburne but what's to motivate you to stop in this town or decide to stay for the night? The marketing in the Travel Guides are good but almost every little town and village has equivalent material available. As a small accommodations provider, we realized early on that our goal is to focus on our neighborhood, not our accommodatio