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Into the Unknown your child must go!

Providing an opportunity for ones children to explore is sometime the best / biggest gift a parent can give a child. Growing up in a more rural setting I did have the opportunity to run through the fields; however, those fields were bulldozed years ago and housing developments now stand where Apple Trees once stood.

Came across an article that identified Kids Spend Less Time Outdoors and reflected back quickly to my upbringing; as well as, what we've managed to provide to our child. We've posted about how wonderful "Welshtown Haven" is and what an adventure it could be for wannabe vacationers but pulling back from all of that I sat back and thought about it.

Has our adventure added value to our child's life? Has she evolved differently then if left alone within the neighborhood she lives within (Greater Toronto Area)? This past Christmas, one gift our child wanted was a "Hatchet". I kid you not! The picture above is of her a few years ago, she's bigger, stronger and more responsible now; however, she'd not have evolved as she has without the exposure South Shore Nova Scotia has provided her.Yes, she got her Hatchet.

Now, this is all good for us (the owners of Welshtown Haven) but what about all of those parents who do not have the luxury of owning such a property? What is needed to get those kids out from in front of the X-Box, PS3/4, Wii or other entertainment device?

For a start, I'd turn the WiFi off! I've listened to stories of people who sneak down and flip the switch on the Internet. The kids go ballistic! This may be amusing up front; however without thinking through the next step things could get nasty within your household!

Local Parks or Conservation areas are always good and most likely not that far away. Years ago, prior to our East Coast Adventure, we'd do day trips up to Balsam Lake. Fenelon Falls tended to be a less formal process then registering at the provincial park gate.

Now, if you parents wanted to do that "East Coast Adventure"; as well as, provide an experience out of context to your children's normal environment, yes Welshtown Haven could assist in facilitating your needs. We've posted on the topic of the "East Coast Adventure" in the past and we've stressed the driving time. I'll not get into that stuff here and now. Suffice to say, you need to take some time off from work. Yes, it's a time commitment! Can you afford 3 weeks? One week in total for travel time (There and Back Again, a Hobbits Tale? :-) ) and 2 weeks poking around South Shore Nova Scotia, using Welshtown Haven (or other accommodation) as a place of rest.

Two quick trips would be Roseway Beach and Welkum Park. Both are minutes away from Welshtown Haven and both are for the most part, off the main tourism maps as places to let kids loose! Between normal vacationing, sometimes you want a down day. A day where nothing important is done, you're close to "Home" but the kids are able to "Explore".

The Route to Roseway Beach, Shelburne Nova Scotia is a click away and some Pictures of Roseway Beach, Shelburne Nova Scotia as well. Nothing special about it other then the little river that runs through it. When we visited, some other visitors were plopped down in that river relaxing as if it was their own personal Jacuzzi! The warm water that flowed out into the Atlantic Ocean warmed up a plume of water that people could play in. Yes, the Atlantic is Cold!

The Route to Welkum Park, is a click away and some Pictures of Welkum Park as well. The fresh water lake is about 5 foot deep and warm in the summer time. I've been told that the lake stays warm into late September. The park is simple, offering some change rooms, BBQ sheltered areas and a simple park. The beach has a small dock and some sand. Hours can be spent at this local beach. No entry fee. You'll probably run into some locals if you visit.

The Town Shelburne also has an old "Rail Trail" that runs through it and is also good for a walk. One can start at the North end, walk it ending up at the South end of town, then head down to Dock St. and fetch a bite to eat. To return to your start point, meander back along Water St.

No, this will not automatically cause your child to embrace the outdoors; however, these are some easy distractions away from those gaming consoles and the Internet. A vacation away from home sometimes provides the opportunity to break the habits providing a starting point for change.   Sometimes the simple things allow your child to venture forth into the great unknown called life. Beyond these mundane opportunities provided, South Shore Nova Scotia offers a host of more stimulating opportunities.

With luck, after a quiet, slow "East Coast Adventure", your child may start to venture out into the great outdoors, offered around your local neighborhood. Every journey starts with some simple steps.


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