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128RJ Husqvarna Trimmer - 10 Hours of use?

The HUSQVARNA 128RJ is a....

<<Lightweight brushcutter, perfect for homeowners. Easy starting with Smart Start® recoil system, fuel pump and an always-ON auto return stop switch for trouble free starting. Fitted with a J-handle and harness. Equipped with easy loading, semi automatic, trimmer head and metal blade. E-TECH® engine for reduced emissions. >>

Ya, okay.... that's the first review that comes up for this thing in Google (at least for us). With search criteria of "husqvarna 128rj review", you don't get much. I'm sure if we pop into the Amazon link they'll have something.

Now, what's our experience with this durable item? This is a BLOG and that typically means a bit of a story. We will not fault the Dayton dealer, in the Canadian community of Yarmouth County. They were responsible and respectable while purchasing the trimmer, chainsaw and lawnmower back 4 years ago. Taking the trimmer back late this summer, they were also polite and helpful. Our discussions with the Warranty department also went well. Yanik created case number 200827-000497 and followed up with a return phone call, with Husqvarna's resolution to the issue. 

So, what did happen? Well, you have to understand the context of the situation to really draw value of the end result. Late in the summer 4 years ago the capital outlay was made to purchase some yard equipment for the property. Given the property is rural, encompassing 4 acres, the prospect of going electric was declined. Yes, the Hydro Carbon fuel option was chosen for all three devices. Th Husqvarna name was chosen for the perceived value of their product lines. That summer, the lawn was cut and prior to leaving the lawn mower was run until empty given it was to be left for the next 10 or 11 months.

The following summer, during our management review the lawn mower was used yet again to pick up where our property manager's efforts had left off. The mower taking regular gas and oil has been (knock on wood) working well, no complaints. New fuel, check oil level, pull the cord and off a mowing we'd go. This second summer the trimmer was pulled out and care was taken to read and follow the instructions. Gas was mixed with the Husqvarna oil to create the small engine mixture, pulled the cord and the tool also performed flawlessly. As per warning the prior year, the trimmer was not used on heaver items. It is a high end weed whacker not a chain saw. After maybe 3 hours of use it was run dry and put away for the following season along with the Lawnmower.

The third summer, the lawn mower and trimmer were taken out, checked for issues and filled with respective fuels. Again, all items start and the yard was maintained. Being aggressive, the chainsaw documentation was reviewed, fuelled up and some trees were taken down. The chainsaw uses the same fuel mix as the trimmer so, we went through a bit more mixed fuel last year then the year prior. The trimmer was maybe utilized for another 3 hours before it was put away for the following year. That chainsaw was the focus for last year.

Okay, now the story is up to the current year's management review of the property. Again, the three pieces of equipment were retrieved from their storage area. Fresh Fuel was acquired and appropriate mix of small engine fuel made according to Husqvarna's instructions. The lawnmower once again worked flawlessly as did the Chainsaw (actually, we're having some chain problems but nothing out of the normal). Now, that trimmer did start with the first pull. The first little bit, it would choke out if left to idle; however, after 10 or 15 minutes, it was working fine. What little fuel had remained in the corroborator had cleaned up with the new fuel passing through it.

This 3rd year of use for the trimmer started with a bit of a sputter, worked well for a bit but didn't end well. It stopped. It would not roll over..... It played dead! Taking it to a local small engine mechanic we were told that the engine had seized. With this, the trimmer was taken back to the Dayton Dealership who then looked at it while I logged a case number (listed above). After a week, they informed us that due to it being 4 years old, it was no longer under warranty. Retrieving the trimmer from the repair person in Dayton, it was identified that some scoring existed within the piston. Sadly, we were also informed that the gas that had been in the fuel reservoir was not the right colour and that the piston had seized due to poor fuel mixture. 

In total, over the 4 years of ownership, that trimmer might have had 10 hours of use. The fuel was mixed correctly and the repair person in Dayton had held up a container of fuel that did not have the colour of fuel that was equal to what we had back at the property. I grasp the warranty being expired. Husqvarna has a 3 year warranty and it was into its 4th year. Making excuses about the engine failure being related to fuel mix was a bit rich to be honest.

So, why defend the product and place the blame on fuel mix? It's the owners fault.... 10 hours of use on the item and it had to have been the owners fault? Sadly, I think not. The fuel was mixed properly. The item failed after very limited use; however, that use stretched out over an extended time frame. 

Now, the question one has to ask is.... Are all products made these days so dependent upon proprietary fuel additives? Are they made to break down over time, even without use? The first small engine mechanic that looked at the trimmer identified the problem but said "What do you expect when they use silicon gaskets? It's not made to last.". I spoke to that small engine mechanic's "Boss" afterwards (by trade, a motorcycle mechanic), who told of some similar problems he'd had in the not so distant past. I trust he'd mixed his fuel properly!

Next summer, we'll be looking to replace the trimmer. We'd like to purchase something that will last a little longer then 10 hours of use over 4 years. What company makes a product that will stand the test of time and lite usage? Anyone wish to buy a slightly used 128RJ Husqvarna Trimmer with a seized engine for spare parts?


  1. How can you tell which is the best product from the list on this site?Best Small Chainsaw

    1. I understand you are using my BLOG as a tool to gain clicks on your site. I've accepted it given I'm not advertising or selling "Chainsaws".

      I'd like more insight on what went wrong with the chainsaw discussed in MY BLOG or the Husqvarna product line in general. Like you, I wish for people to be engaged upon the BLOG I manage, not yours. It would be nice if you added a cross link back to My BLOG to cross traffic over to each others BLOG.


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