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128RJ Husqvarna Trimmer - 10 Hours of use?

The  HUSQVARNA 128RJ is a.... <<Lightweight brushcutter, perfect for homeowners. Easy starting with Smart Start® recoil system, fuel pump and an always-ON auto return stop switch for trouble free starting. Fitted with a J-handle and harness. Equipped with easy loading, semi automatic, trimmer head and metal blade. E-TECH® engine for reduced emissions. >> Ya, okay.... that's the first review that comes up for this thing in Google (at least for us). With search criteria of "husqvarna 128rj review", you don't get much. I'm sure if we pop into the Amazon link they'll have something. Now, what's our experience with this durable item? This is a BLOG and that typically means a bit of a story. We will not fault the Dayton dealer, in the Canadian community of Yarmouth County. They were responsible and respectable while purchasing the trimmer, chainsaw and lawnmower back 4 years ago. Taking the trimmer back late this summer, they were also polite an

State of Emergency - Mi’kmaw & Shelburne NS

  Mi’kmaw Chiefs Declare State of Emergency within the province of Nova Scotia. While performing our managerial review we had the opportunity to speak with some of the locals about the current fishing issues and received a perspective on the topic. Yes, we could delve down into the current issue on a blow by blow basis; however, Welshtown Haven is not a news outlet nor is it about spreading perspectives of local events. What is of interest for Welshtown Haven is that this host community is yet again in the news. Yes again? You the reader may scratch ones head on that so, well, this little town looks to make the news, headline news, a lot more often then many other small communities of similar size.   Case in point, January 6, 2018 the supposedly sleepy town of Shelburne Nova Scotia made the headlines with regard to the Farley Mowat ship owner ordered to pay $144K to Town of Shelburne . Other instances of this town making the news can be found, not all of it positive; however, it has m

Yearly Management Review

  Sawdust under an apple tree should decompose over the next couple years, adding nutrients to the tree as time passes. Beyond the apple tree can be seen last years efforts a  Hugelkultur . It so far has not been overly spectacular.  The wood buried should act as a sponge during the rainy periods and provide moisture for plants growing atop; however, as of yet, there is no spectacular growth to report. In time things should work out. If we had of planted some shrubs to take root and erected a fence to stop the deer, things may have turned out better. The time was not available so, no finishing touches were done last year prior to leaving. Truth be known, two years ago, we did manage to plant some small gooseberry roots and thankfully they have taken and should thrive. Our expectations are not to have a prestean landscape planted by professionals over a one week time fame. Building the landscape with a living adventure is going to take some time and the help of mother nature. Native spe