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COVID-19 Takeout - Part 2 - Shelburne....

Apparently, some establishments were missed last week and soon after publishing our weekly blog it was brought to our attention. A week has gone by and we've been able to review last weeks blog. So far, so good! We've only been using "Blogger" (this site) for a while now and we've limited stats on viewership for the old blogs we'd done in Facebook (check the public group "Welshtown Haven - Why", it is where the older ones were stored). Last week's blog has now accumulated the second highest traffic, passing an earlier blog on Allen Reid's YouTube videos but not as many as a more recent blog we'd done on Respecting The Entrepreneur, where we're asking people to focus on those smaller business. So, in a nutshell, it looks like people are interested in who's providing Takeout services in the Shelburne area. Our goal this week is to add to the list; however, we'll most likely not get 100%. We've received some input

COVID-19 Takeout - Shelburne Style!

A big "IF" on whether tourism season is going to happen or not for Summer 2020! Latest in, the US of A and Canada are going to keep their Boarder Closed until June 21 . Bloomberg News Agency also released an article where over 100 Million in China's Northeast are thrown into Lockdown . Is this the dreaded 2nd wave? Ok, that's the doom and gloom for the week and a bit of a heads up on current affairs. Now, what has our local town done to make life easy for residence? A number of Restaurants have remained open, providing Take Out services for locals. If by chance this summer some were to manage to vacation in South Shore and needed a quick meal, this is a quick list of who's available to call.   BoxingRock - Ya, first on the list.... Maybe this don't look to good but, they do deliver! Looks like with a few clicks you can order online and the delivery will be made! Contact Details: 218 Water Street Shelburne, Nova Scotia Call (902) 494-9233

Shelburne Harbour - Was the Port of Call and Still is....

Port Roseway Harbour November 25th, 1783, the last of the British Troops leave New York City. The British had lost to the colonials, or at least they had lost the lands South of the 49th Parallel. Adapting to this new reality, the British had the spectacular idea of recreating "New York City" in Roseway Harbour. Shelburne Harbour is known as one of the largest natural deep water ports in the world. Prior to 1783 the French and Portuguese had settlements in the area. Ships often sought anchor in the harbor. With the British moving in, the name changed from Roseway Harbour to Shelburne Harbour; however, its use as a place of refuge remained. Typical late spring, yachts from the Eastern Seaboard work their way up then across the Bay of Fundy, arriving in Shelburne Harbor as their first major refit / resupply. Those tall ships and other craft will then venture on up the coast throughout the summer, loop around and head home again. Fast forward to 2020, COVID-19 st

Spring Cleaning and Gardening.

Tahnee, giving up after a hard day mowing the lawn.  COVID-19 is still an issue; however, recent rumblings are that government mandated self isolation is going to be eased off. As this opening up unfolds respective levels of government will watch the infection rate. If all goes well, we all should have relative freedom come summer? Who knows! Check respective governments for details before you set off on any travels.  Are people getting frustrated with 2020? So far, so good? If COVID-19 has not been enough for you to stomach our lovely Federal Government managed to drop a Bombshell on Firearms Owners throughout Canada. With the current state of affairs, rural property owners are not able to use their 12 Gauge Shotguns to dispatch vermin. Those of us living in provinces with a Turkey or Bear Hunt but due to Municipal Restrictions are limited to Shotguns instead of Center Fire Rifles (for bear), this is yet another setback. Oh, and lets not leave out the Stock Markets and in turn