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Shelburne Harbour - Was the Port of Call and Still is....

Port Roseway Harbour
November 25th, 1783, the last of the British Troops leave New York City. The British had lost to the colonials, or at least they had lost the lands South of the 49th Parallel. Adapting to this new reality, the British had the spectacular idea of recreating "New York City" in Roseway Harbour.

Shelburne Harbour is known as one of the largest natural deep water ports in the world. Prior to 1783 the French and Portuguese had settlements in the area. Ships often sought anchor in the harbor. With the British moving in, the name changed from Roseway Harbour to Shelburne Harbour; however, its use as a place of refuge remained.

Typical late spring, yachts from the Eastern Seaboard work their way up then across the Bay of Fundy, arriving in Shelburne Harbor as their first major refit / resupply. Those tall ships and other craft will then venture on up the coast throughout the summer, loop around and head home again.

Fast forward to 2020, COVID-19 strikes and the world is in lock down! This sounds like a science fiction novel but sadly, I believe all reading will attest that, this is what has happened. Well, that little old harbor protected by McNutt Island is still that Port of Call for those sailing the high seas. This time, instead of being late spring arrivals, it appears some seagoing voyagers have hobbled their way into harbor a little early this year. A recent article in Salt Wire explains the Sailboat Activity in Sheburne Harbour flushing out the details.

Historically, this small town on the Southern reaches of Nova Scotia, has been rather significant. It has been a mariners go to place over the centuries. It appears to persist in being that safe haven.


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