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South Shore N.S. and the Tourism Economy

  Friday afternoon, Yarmouth N.S. the streets are bare. Now Yarmouth is not Toronto ON; however,  it is a regional hub point. We have frequented this small city in prior years and yes, the traffic is down. A few months ago the Atlantic provinces created an Atlantic Bubble. For the most part, traveling within the Bubble is allowed; as long as, you have your paperwork in order. Yes, this all sounds Orwellien in nature but an accurate depiction or parallel to reference. Gator Byte Computer  is considered by some in the local  community as an essential service providing new and used games to the locals. While business is down, they are open but are feeling the effects. The local mall is quiet as well. Of the local eating establishments, maybe half are closed while those that are open have a dispersed seating arrangement. Part time staff are not being used leaving the full time staff the opportunity to pull in solid hours.  Rudder's Seafood Restaurant-Brew  has provided us with a couple

Albacore Sailing alive and well in Shelburne N.S.

Hiking on an Albacore is the process of providing a counter balance against the force of the wind attempting to blow the boat over. To the right center, one can make out a student leaning over the side in an attempt to keep that Albacore upright. Yes, it was a successful application of the technique and the crew did make it into port in short order. The little town of Shelburne Nova Scotia has managed to once again offer Albacore Sailing lessons to summer residence of the area. Over all, the summer has been slow for the sailing school. The students also have to adhear to the realities of COVID-19 restrictions though. The current weeks batch of students consists of nine students and a number of volunteers.  The town and municipality persistently hit high on the scale when it comes to facilitating needs. The sailing school being provided proves this out. From the outside, the school looks to be a big old building but non-descriptive beyond that. The inside provides a bit more insight on

South Shore, Climat Change & Self Sufficiency

  Pony in the Mist Few days of the summer months has the South Shore of Nova Scotia had rain. The mornings, day break, is accompanied with a mist that soon burns off. For the most part, that represents the summer participation, few days receive actual rain. Today is special in that the mist has remained heavy into mid morning and a couple good spirts of rain have fallen. If a hurricane were upon us, all would be good; however, no pending hurricane is in the forecast. It is an odd day but also a very relaxed day without a wisp of wind.   We have noted in the past that Welshtown Haven's property is currently occupied with a construction crew and we are in anticipation of this persisting for the next little bit. While a blessing in disguise, it also forces the management team to source an alternate accommodation while performing the yearly review. Due to these dynamics, we have had an opportunity to view the Shelburne area from a slightly different perspective. Also, due to COVID-19,

CKBW Social Isolation made easy

Crossing the Quebec / New Brunswick boarder for us happened at 1 AM EST, 2 AM AST. Our start had been delayed leading to a late entry into the Maritime Province. Due to the time of day, the line to wait had been very short, consisting of one truck and car ahead of us. The guards had us pull over into a truck inspection station and provide details.  The bourder guard inquired where we intended upon sleeping and our reply was to sleep in the auto at the next truck stop. In short order, we were off and 5 minutes down the road we pulled into a truck stop and had a sleep. Our impression was, staying at any form of motel /  hotel would have been a NO NO. By late morning the New Brunswick / Nova Scotia boarder was in sight, Again, pulled off to the side, questioned and forms filled out. We were ordered to procede directly to our destination and self isolate for 14 days starting at that point.  Yes, the maritime provinces look to be taking things seriously. Yes, as visitors to the maritimes, w