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South Shore N.S. and the Tourism Economy


Friday afternoon, Yarmouth N.S. the streets are bare. Now Yarmouth is not Toronto ON; however,  it is a regional hub point. We have frequented this small city in prior years and yes, the traffic is down.

A few months ago the Atlantic provinces created an Atlantic Bubble. For the most part, traveling within the Bubble is allowed; as long as, you have your paperwork in order. Yes, this all sounds Orwellien in nature but an accurate depiction or parallel to reference.

Gator Byte Computer is considered by some in the local  community as an essential service providing new and used games to the locals. While business is down, they are open but are feeling the effects. The local mall is quiet as well.

Of the local eating establishments, maybe half are closed while those that are open have a dispersed seating arrangement. Part time staff are not being used leaving the full time staff the opportunity to pull in solid hours. Rudder's Seafood Restaurant-Brew has provided us with a couple quick lunches of late. Traditionally, Rudders has served good helpings and thankfully, nothing has changed.

Chatting with some Rudder's staff; as well as, some other shop keepers in Yarmouth, it appears that if it were not for the Bubble, things would be dead. Residence of the East Coast who can afford to do so, have taken to the road and provided the bulk of the tourism traffic. 

Closer to home, the little town of Shelburne is fairing equally. The restaurants have business but down from prior years. The Dory shop museum is under renovation but the staff can be found puttering around at the Albacore work shop. 

Now, the Dory Shop Museum being renovated is an oddity for this year in relation to prior years but paralleled across a the east coast. Many tourist attractions require work; however, the work needing done interferes with the tourists ability to experience. 2020, few if any tourists are around. We have spoken to a number of individuals from around the east coast and the little town of Shelburne is not alone. 2021 tourism season should provide for a clean crisp experience for tourists. Many communities are taking this opportunity to perform some needed repairs. Fingers crossed that 2021 will be more in tune with the old normal. Thankfully, some of these repairs are being performed by crews from out of respective towns, leading to a further bump in local economies.


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