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Mobile Kitchen Chest - Travel Light!

Mobile Kitchen Chest Contents Traveling without stopping at restaurants can save your pocket book; as well as, your health these days. A couple weeks ago our Weekly BLOG spoke about our Facebook Page and how we've created a "Discussion" holding COVID-19 information. The discussion is still accessible and now has some 30 comments. The latest entry talks about how this virus is mutating and that they have tracked some 8 strains. Who knows what will be discovered by next week's BLOG? We are holding off posting much on Facebook given the current health climate. Overly promoting "Travel", "Tourism" and going to Cottage country is not the most politically correct thing to do. So, what was our Weekly BLOG about last week? It talked about the prospects for Tourism Season this upcoming summer of 2020. I believe we were on the correct track regarding booking an entire summer, not just a 2 week vacation. Rules on Quarantine are very important leading to

What does the future look like....

Welshtown Haven Last week we talked about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how we are maintaining a post to journal relevant COVID-19 documents. The post still exists, the view count is going up (we can see this through Facebook stats); however, no one is giving it a thumbs up or other type of Facebook engagement. All's good, we did not post last week to generate Facebook traffic statistics nor is this weeks post about that. When discussing Welshtown Haven and the "Weekly BLOG", we always try to start off by identifying that we are an "All Season Weekly Rental Vacation House, located in South Shore Nova Scotia. Minutes away from the Historic Town of Shelburne.". What does that actually mean? Well, we're one house that has 2 bedrooms. If we get lucky with our "Weekly BLOG" and droves of people decide they want to vacation in South Shore Nova Scotia then we're pooched! Well, we'd be good with filling our property up; however, a lot of oth

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reference Point

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now Coronavirus, Social Distancing and all that stuff.... Welshtown Haven is not a "Haven", nor is it associated to the medical field. We're just a simple house in the woods for the most part isolated from the people around, who in turn add up to a low population density. We're also currently booked... So, sorry, the Inn is full. We've done a quick read of the article the above graph / picture is from and believe it offers some perspective. Please don't take this BLOG entry as authoritative, nor as guidance of any way. It's just to provide a heads up. Everyone else is doing it.... We're joining the band wagon with this one. Like we did with the recent Hurricane, we'll attempt to post within Facebook any worth while reference material. A thread was started a few days ago with the above link being the first post. Much of what is written above is that original post. Is South Shore immune to Coronavirus

The Journey Home - 2012

2012 - Fredericton N.B. How do you know you've had a good vacation? For us, running the rat race that is Toronto, fighting traffic taking the Go Train, living to work, you knew you had a good vacation only when you sit down in the office and attempt to log in, only to realize you've completely and absolutely forgotten your password. Ok, yes, this leads to a call to the help desk, password reset and most likely a coffee break. You're digestive tract might realign back to work schedule... all's good.... but that's after you've returned. This blog, it's about..... The Journey 2011, we'd traveled the East Coast and had done a loop up on the Cabot Trail, taken a break in PEI and then headed home. 2012, represented the first year that we'd had a vested interest in Shelburne Nova Scotia. "Welshtown Haven" was not yet in our sights, our goal was to be in town for the closing of a Town Lot, we'd initiated the purchase of some months earlie

Shelburne Ship Repair, Not just a Tourist Town!

George Street Shipyard Society 2018-09-16 From humble beginnings the Town of Shelburne has evolved into a quaint little tourism town for vacationers. The picture above was taken in the fall of 2018 when I was granted a little tour of the building on George St., right by the Yacht Club. I was told a story about early Shelburne being much like other coastal towns having shipyards up and down "Dock St." (Every Town had a Dock St.!). Most of that past is gone form the East Coast of Canada; as well, most of this history has also been removed from this little town. The Dory Shop remains as well as the George Street Shipyard . The George St. Shipyard should be open this summer for some engagements according to Bob Sinden. He is the current President of the society managing the building. Might be worth tracking this guy down to get the current scoop on what's happening, if you are in town. You never know just how lucky you'll get with your inquiries! Yes, when in smal