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The Journey Home - 2012

2012 - Fredericton N.B.
How do you know you've had a good vacation? For us, running the rat race that is Toronto, fighting traffic taking the Go Train, living to work, you knew you had a good vacation only when you sit down in the office and attempt to log in, only to realize you've completely and absolutely forgotten your password. Ok, yes, this leads to a call to the help desk, password reset and most likely a coffee break. You're digestive tract might realign back to work schedule... all's good.... but that's after you've returned. This blog, it's about..... The Journey

2011, we'd traveled the East Coast and had done a loop up on the Cabot Trail, taken a break in PEI and then headed home. 2012, represented the first year that we'd had a vested interest in Shelburne Nova Scotia. "Welshtown Haven" was not yet in our sights, our goal was to be in town for the closing of a Town Lot, we'd initiated the purchase of some months earlier. Due to some convoluted issues the transaction did not complete until after we'd returned to Ontario. The time spent, visiting a town we'd only seen through pictures and the trolling of some Facebook Groups used by the locals, was an adventure. We'd experienced the Founders Day festivities and that year they'd had a Pirate theme. The kid loved it and the whole thing of exploring the little town just wore us out. One would think spending over 2 weeks in one spot would have become old quick? Nope. We'd kept busy learning about the town first hand. It was living a life completely out of context to our normal daily schedules.

2012 Child Captured by Pirates!
Our wild child ran around Dock St, found friends in two local Pirates! They befriended her and let us explore the other events. Why would some parents just leave their kid with strangers? Have you ever been in a small town were everyone looked to know each other? They had a trusting feel to them. We later learned that the big guy was "Timothy Gillespie", the owner of a local media Publication South Coast Today and his lovely sidekick was the Principle of the local High School.

Eventually, all things come to an end and that summers vacation as well. Our auto packed up and the 2000 KM journey began. Truro N.S. is about 3 hours out of Shelburne. One would think it being the start of the return trip we'd be fresh? Nope, at the bottom of this blog, that's me with the kid. The wife thought it funny snapping the shot, me already whacked from 3 hours drive. People have a tendency to forget, camping for 2 weeks, sleeping on the ground.... It's not easy... Especially as you get older. The kid, held up well, but all kids that age tend to bounce.... They're full a life! Waking up, packing the vehicle and hitting the road, it all takes time. Traveling with an eight year old kid, accommodating a child's needs a separate task in itself. For the kid, camping was no problem, to amuse herself, she'd go down by the water and feed the ducks. Eventually, they'd come to the campsite to be fed. She loved it! The Chipmunks had even started frequenting us prior to leaving; however, that trip home with an eight year old is not about putting the peddle to the metal and going. It's more like a stop and go affair due to a host of issues.

The top picture, I'm guessing the next day in Fredericton, the kid snapped that shot of the wife. Getting out and doing a walk to stretch ones legs is always good. Taking the time to see these small cities while one is passing them an opportunity that if not taken, lost. Yes, again the issue of looking tired. Fredericton, we'd stopped for lunch. We'd stopped at a park, took up residence at a picnic table for a bit and nibbled on some food we'd brought along. The rain, the damp warm air... a bit of a relief; however, not reprieve from the summers heat.

The point of this weeks blog.... Remember, schedule a reasonable chunk of time for your return trip. Be sure to make it as much of your vacation as the other parts. The Journey Home is just as important. It's about being with and enjoying that family time.

Safe travels, for all those who take on a Summer Driving Adventure! 

2012 - Truro N.S.


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