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What does the future look like....

Welshtown Haven
Last week we talked about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how we are maintaining a post to journal relevant COVID-19 documents. The post still exists, the view count is going up (we can see this through Facebook stats); however, no one is giving it a thumbs up or other type of Facebook engagement. All's good, we did not post last week to generate Facebook traffic statistics nor is this weeks post about that.

When discussing Welshtown Haven and the "Weekly BLOG", we always try to start off by identifying that we are an "All Season Weekly Rental Vacation House, located in South Shore Nova Scotia. Minutes away from the Historic Town of Shelburne.". What does that actually mean? Well, we're one house that has 2 bedrooms. If we get lucky with our "Weekly BLOG" and droves of people decide they want to vacation in South Shore Nova Scotia then we're pooched! Well, we'd be good with filling our property up; however, a lot of others would be scrambling to find something else equal to what we offer. We're just one house. Even though we would have no vacancies, we would offer information on alternate lodgings to suit your needs.

And so, to the title of this 'Weekly BLOG', "What does the future look like"... In what context are we speaking? The context is what's happening this tourism season; as well as, future years.

 A Global News Article:
"Returning travellers are asked to self-isolate for 14 days in case they develop symptoms and to prevent spreading the virus to others."

A Chronicle Herald article:
"New day at the border

Anyone entering the province is being told to self-isolate for 14 days. Exemptions for cross-border travel include healthy workers in trades and transportation sectors who move goods and people, healthy people going to work and people travelling into the province for essential services."

A couple weeks ago, everything was normal. Through chat with a South Shore local, the issue of "What to write about" was discussed. We at Welshtown Haven have difficulty coming up with the next thing to talk about. Our physical location is actually not in South Shore Nova Scotia. We're located about 2000 KM away. Our property manager handles the day to day and we've built some friends who keep us in the know about what's going on. So, we've asked some 3rd parties and they have provided a host of good ideas. Yes, a whole series of things were mentioned. We jotted some down for later use. Again, this was a couple weeks ago and the prospect of an active tourism season in sight.

In just 2 weeks, how we collectively view the world can change significantly. Most all (probably all) provinces have issued "State of Emergency". "Social Distancing" is a thing. Self-Isolate for 14 days kinda pooches the prospect of that "Summer Vacation"..... Or.... Does it?


This social isolation, self / family quarantine thing if applied for an extended period will lead to a very quiet summer. Again, we've posted some links and within them, some graphs can be found that provide the ideal squished bell curves due to "Social Distancing". If this unfolds as they wish, it will persist into October / November of 2020 where a bulge or spike in the Bell appears. What does this mean? Summer is pooched! I'm using the word "Pooched" a lot, hope you don't mind.

Now, to the best of our knowledge, the crew that has engaged us for use of the property throughout the winter months has requested an extension. Accepting the tying up of our property throughout the summer, again this "Weekly BLOG" is not about us and Welsthown Haven attempting to market ourselves. This BLOG is about the industry in general and the cascade that will unfold.

Now, this is the logic process of a retired programmer..... If people are off work and the children are home, at some point things are going to pop. Notice, I didn't use the word "Pooch"! The summer months consist of 10 weeks give or take. Self-Isolation is prescribed for 14 days or 2 weeks when entering Nova Scotia. If families were to "Vacation", for them to book a summer off at a location, things might be workable. Now, the location of choice would need to be self sustaining and not in the middle of a high density hub. The location would need to be near a number of venues that are non classical "Tourism" things. The 14 day Self-Isolation would have to be observed! Thankfully, it would be a new place with new sights and sounds to amuse oneself and family with.

I don't know how the respective provincial governments would like the idea of summer vacationers booking 10 week stays at any and all remote cottages and such throughout Canada; however, that's about what I came up with. The prospect of self isolating a family under the same roof for the next 9 months is going to get interesting. Responsibly booking, transporting to and vacationing at an appropriate destination might be worth looking into. No, we're not going to provide the logistics.... We're just pondering what options are left for ourselves and others. How is a family to break up the monotony that is bound to set in?

Be safe all, respect our governments requests on Social Distancing. Whatever travel plans you do contrive, be sure they are safe and in adherence to whatever rules are in place. Think big, or stay home.     


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