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Spring Cleaning and Gardening.

Tahnee, giving up after a hard day mowing the lawn.
 COVID-19 is still an issue; however, recent rumblings are that government mandated self isolation is going to be eased off. As this opening up unfolds respective levels of government will watch the infection rate. If all goes well, we all should have relative freedom come summer? Who knows! Check respective governments for details before you set off on any travels.

 Are people getting frustrated with 2020? So far, so good? If COVID-19 has not been enough for you to stomach our lovely Federal Government managed to drop a Bombshell on Firearms Owners throughout Canada. With the current state of affairs, rural property owners are not able to use their 12 Gauge Shotguns to dispatch vermin. Those of us living in provinces with a Turkey or Bear Hunt but due to Municipal Restrictions are limited to Shotguns instead of Center Fire Rifles (for bear), this is yet another setback.

Oh, and lets not leave out the Stock Markets and in turn those managed portfolios....

 Okay, ya.... I can see you getting more and more depressed as you read. 2020 has not started off well; however, many are taking it all in stride. Across the East Coast and most likely the whole of Canada people are getting out and turning soil, cleaning yards and doing general maintenance in preparation for summer. As can be seen Tahnee has managed to do her part by working the pasture. She's a lovely little pony residing just outside of the Town Shelburne near the Sandy Point Lighthouse. Tahnee's not a lone representation of East Coast living. I recall walking the streets of Shelburne hearing Roosters crowing. It's fun walking the streets of these smaller communities, listening. Listen for the crowing and change your direction to zone in on it. Waddle behind some Wild Ducks or Guinea Fowls that are half domesticated can also be a fun way to explore a community. Yes, you may look silly but why not?  If your quiet with your walking in these rural communities, you've also got a good chance of stumbling upon some Deer or Fawns nibbling locals flower gardens! Urban centers are completely different, glum in comparison.

 Every town has a places to eat at. Some corporate / franchise and some independent. If you frequent the corporate / franchise establishments you'll know the menu and price point. The independents are different. The item selection is unique, quantity served for price sold is a big question mark. Is it worth taking the chance? Yep, we've had luck with the independent mom and pop establishments. 

 If ever their was a summer to plan a Road Trip, this might be the summer to do it. Many talk about Ethical Investing but fly off to wild destinations and spend their money in foreign lands for vacation. Now, our local communities need our help. Not just South Shore Nova Scotia but across Canada. Book lodging at the small mom and pop motels littered across the country. Find those little independent family run restaurants and fry trucks. Enjoy what Canada has to offer. Those East Coasters working their yard making their properties look beautiful, pay them some respect for their efforts.

 With luck, as summer nears, we'll be able to provide some insight on just what is and is not happening in South Shore Nova Scotia. Things are a bit up in the air of late but hopefully things will solidify.

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