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Nova Scotia Self Isolation and the Fixed Roof Accommodation Act


If it is on Facebook, it must be true? Well, the above was an informational Meme found On Facebook and kinda spells out the implications of what a 14 day Quarantine means. 

The Nova Scotia Government have a fairly good COVID-19 Website that provides some hot topic sub links. The "Symptoms and Testing" spells out the 14 day self Isolation requirement. The provincial government is taking things very seriously as spelled out in our earlier Blog "CKBW Social Isolation made easy", back in August 04. 

Fixed Roof Accommodation Act spells out that 28 days or less is considered a "Short Term Accommodation" and to offer these short term accommodations, the provider needs to have been granted a license.

So, this weeks BLOG we will ponder the issue of Who, What Where and Why implications while trying to mesh the two issues. The would-be tourist looking to secure lodging in Nova Scotia for Self Isolation will need a reason for entry into the province, a place to stay for that social isolation and a legitimate reason for subjecting themselves to this 14 day self isolation. Presumably, the reason for committing oneself and family to this 14 day period is to allow an extended visit beyond the initial 14 days?

Over the last little bit, we've received inquiries regarding our property. The first two were through simple Facebook Messaging initiated from our page. The issue,  family members returning from afar needing that 14 day period. We well understood the request and need for an accommodation; however, our property has been committed to that construction crew. Of late, that crew provided notice leading to our Air BNB / Trip Advisor calendar entries being freed up. Within a short period of time a booking request came in requesting to secure our property for 10 days, yet another need for Self Isolation.

Now, 10 days is not sufficient time for the Self Isolation period as per provincial government guidelines. Yes, we could have accepted this booking and yes, in turn, this booking could have been used as documentation to allow entry into the province (again, see the August 04 BLOG, link provided above). The East Coast, Provincial Governments are taking things VERY seriously. An "Outsider" entering the bubble for 10 days is not sufficient. If an outsider were to identify a desire to stay 15 days in total, I'd wonder what they would do? They are assessing each situation. I think they have a "Sniff Test" and if it smells fishy, you'd not get into the bubble.

Booking 10 Days, then breaking self isolation would lead to the above Meme at the top of this blog. Every individual these outsiders were to come in contact with would have to in turn "Self Isolate". Ya, it is a mess! Again, some things I'd suspect will not pass the sniff test!

While our property has been set up as an All Season, Weekly Rental Vacation House, we've derived the bulk of our revenues of late through longer term engagements. As we received one inquiry for 10 days, through another channel, a request to use our property for a few months was being locked down. The need for us to manage the clients representing the 10 Day request was not needed (thankfully).

Welshtown Haven management have spoken to Nova Scotia Tourism of late. Our ask was, does a "Standard Form" exist that could be filled out providing duration of booking, Confirmation of support staff to supply groceries and an over all written commitment guarantee for accommodation providers to sign off on. Nope.... good idea.... they indicated they had taken notes..... but they have nothing. The provincial boarder guards need to assess a dynamic set of details presented by each traveller looking to enter the province.

So, realistically normal "Tourism" for those from afar (not in the bubble) that wish to enter and enjoy the bubble, need to commit some time. The 14 day self isolation up front and enough time after to make it all worth while (in the eyes of the provincial boarder guards). I'd guess, to truly enjoy oneself, another 14 days at minimum would be required? Adding this up, plus a day pushes a booking past the 28 day definition of the Tourist Accommodation Recreation Act talked about in last weeks BLOG. As a provider of short term accommodations, at times we collectively place our heads into our hands and ponder. What rules are we governed by?

Regardless of the laws your stay with us fall under, as providers of a "Fixed Roof", we'll work towards providing a secure stay within our humble abode. We try to stay abreast of what's needed. Our goal will be to facilitate a safe, lawful path for a happy stay. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment on this BLOG or contact us through a host of other digital platforms.


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