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Expectation Management While Vacationing

Above picture was taken in Yarmouth 2019, August.

Welshtown Haven Inc. is managed day to day by a local Property Management Company; however, it is owned by a couple of old IT people who've been suffering from a midlife crises. We are not Tourism Specialists, Journalists or News people. We're simple folk.

Recently a CBC Review of Nova Scotia Tourism Feedback was published providing a critique of tourists response. It's a fun article to read; as well as, the comments.

Again, we're simple folk and not from the "East Coast" but we've for some strange reason put together Welshtown Haven. What motivated us to do so? What's so special about the "East Coast Adventure" to cause us to make such an investment? The CBC article I fear misses the point.

The people in metropolitan areas (GTA, Golden Horseshoe) live a daily life in a context that is far removed from what can be found in the East Coast. The population density is less, the neighbors know one another (and have probably been neighbors for generations), the air is clean and the economy does not revolve around office towers.

Fishing, Forestry, Farming and Tourism are some of the main economic drivers. The first three are not dependent on people from outside. That last one, Tourism involves the outside world. It is dependent on people from afar having a desire to travel to the East Coast of Canada. To this end, the East Coast is full of tourist traps to entertain those on Vacation. Those involved in the industry; as well as, family and friends try to project a positive face for the tourists. Given we're talking about "Family and Friends" as well, we're talking about a very large chunk of the population being directly or indirectly motivated to smile and accept the antics of vacationers / tourists. 

Now, about this feedback and what vexes us? The mention of some "Locals" not being overly friendly; as well as, the flip side of this. Some Tourists expect a bit to much, not realizing they have chosen as a "Summer Vacation" to inject themselves into other peoples lives and view it as entertainment. The East Coast is not "Disney Land" or some other type of entertainment park. The East Coast is a place where people live and attempt to raise their children in a safe and loving environment.

As a tourist this summer doing that "East Coast Adventure", please understand that the roads are not the best due to limited tax base. The geography leads to winding twisting roads going up hill then down. As a vacationer, it is easy to get caught on a stretch of road that twists, turns, up then down, having potholes to dodge, only to turn a corner and find a child walking across the road. It's that child's home you are driving through. It's not an amusement park. That person in town you run into who's not so friendly may be the parent of that child you zoomed by earlier. Please, please be careful while driving for your safety and the safety of the residence of the East Coast.

Another vexing issue for us (as vacationers) is seeing all those commercials where you're placed in a fishing village and it is implied that the fresh catch of the day is available to you through a wink a nod and a quick exchange of cash. IT IS NOT available. At different times of the year, different seasons are open for the local fishermen to catch. They have contracts with the local processing plants and for them to breach those contracts can land them in a lot of trouble. If you want the fresh catch of the day, find the local processing plant, find the public entrance and politely ask if they have anything available. It is not 100% a sure thing! Accept what is offered and don't expect a deal.

The final beef we'll give is that of washroom availability. As tourists, we've been caught where one of us have been in desperate need of the facilities. The East Coast is littered with "Information Centers" and each one should provide a well kept washroom for Tourists uses. Please, while in any "Information Center", take the time to sign the journal that they keep. These journals provide documentation of who's visited them and in turn justification for future years funding. Beyond the Information Centers, some towns have invested in Public Washrooms. The Historic Town of Shelburne has invested in a couple public washroom, strategically placed at the Guild Hall and the Water Park. Some towns get it and provide these facilities, while others don't and you better hope the Information Center is open (remember to sign the journal!).

The East Coast is a fantastic destination for vacation time. Be sure to book enough time from your place of work to facilitate a leisurely travel through the country. The people are friendly and very helpful if approached with respect. Accommodations are a hit and miss dependent on what's happening in the local area. If you arrive at a quiet time, you might get a fantastic spot to stay; however, if a local event is taking place it is very conceivable that nothing is available for the next 45 minutes of driving. Know where you are going in general terms and what is going on within those local communities throughout the summer. If you plan things right, you could land yourself into the middle of some fantastic local event with top notch accommodations at a discount price.

Welshtown Haven is an All Season Weekly Rental Vacation House, located in South Shore Nova Scotia. It is minutes away from the Historic Town of Shelburne. Shelburne hosts a range of Summer Events well worth looking into. From Shelburne, one can easily travel the bulk of "South Shore" through day trips. Please visit us on "Facebook". We maintain a page called "Welshtown Haven Inc.", please "Like" our page. If you have any questions or concerns, please post or message us. Yes, we are open for business and accepting reservations for late spring 2020 and beyond.  


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