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Doers & Dreamers Guide 2020 - Welshtown Haven

Doers & Dreamers Guide 2020 - Welshtown Haven

At long last Welshtown Haven has made the "Doers &Dreamers" Guide for 2020. It's gonna be a big year for us! Or, at least that has been the thought all along this long road we've travelled to get here.

While our family has been "Vacationing" in Shelburne for a number of years now, we've posted pictures dated Fall 2018 a number of time. We had attempted to qualify for the Doers & Dreamers Guide late 2017; however, ended up having a number of deficiencies. 2018 during July, a number of those deficiencies were addressed; however, the list was not completed.

An earlier Blog talked about the Front Hallway and it's evolution; however, those stairs leading from the 1st to 2nd Floor were on the list and needed to be painted. Prior to painting, the old paint needed to be stripped and the whole thing sanded. Yes, prior to that, all the nails and staples needed pulling. A couple other little things needed doing even before the Staples; however, as a reader you're getting the picture.

August, September and the front end of October 2018, one of the Welshtown Haven Management Team managed to go down and spend time in isolation. The long list was whittled down, the stairs being one of the items. Yes, for some issues, some contractors were called in. Leaving in October 2018, the Doers & Dreamers deadline had been missed yet again for the print addition; however, we did make the Online system for the Tourism Season 2019. We also managed to accumulate a number of pictures over that time period. Finished rooms and Deer grazing in the backyard for the most part.

2020 was to be the first time Welshtown Haven was to appear in hard copy for travellers as they drive along looking for places to stay. 2020 has not unfolded as we had anticipated. As an establishment Welshtown Haven is listed in a hard copy travel book as an All Season Weekly Rental Vacation House, situated in South Shore Nova Scotia, minutes away from the historic Town of Shelburne and open for business.

Oh MY! Now... we are all be pooched!

While the out of province vacationers may be few and far between this summer, those living in Nova Scotia will also most likely not travel far. Everyone is talking about a stay at home vacation or the Day Trip type thing. I'm sure many a would be traveller will be going stir crazy wanting to do something.

Now, as luck would have it and we've mentioned in the past, we're lucky in having a Construction Crew utilizing our accommodations. As a management group we'll bend over backwards to accommodate, and the group using our property have been well behaved according to our Property Manager.

Well, it appears that our past musing over the vacationing dilemmas in these Blogs are not in isolation. Of late, an industrious Travel Agent who's servicing their local clients (just over 2 hours away from our establishment) has scanned Doers & Dreamers in search for travel destinations for their clients. In turn we have received a little e-mail requesting availability and pricing!

Being very honoured to have received this e-mail our response was fast and to the point. We're not available; however, we've a competent Property Manager who may be able to work with this agent to facilitate needs over the summer.

Fingers crossed that the summer tourism season is not as dead as some have contemplated. Those establishments that have worked through the Doers & Dreamers qualification process with luck will qualify top of the list as destinations for in province travellers / vacationers wishing to get away from home but not leave the province.

As Fixed Roof Accommodation providers who have qualified for the Doers & Dreamers program, receiving that little e-mail provided a HUGE amount of validation to the process we've gone through.

Please, all who travel this summer, be aware of the Rules / Regulations that may affect your travel plans. Be respectful and responsible in your travels. Drive safely. Enjoy a safe summer.


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