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2020-02-09 - The morning after - Yes, we had weather!

Sandy Point looking West, Sunday morning sky. Full Moon.
"The next full moon will occur on February 9th at 2:33 AM ET, and is known as the Snow Moon. Some Native American tribes also refer to it as the Hunger Moon or Storm Moon."

So, this is what happens when we have a "Storm Moon"! Oh MY!....

The Nova Scotia Power, Outage Map on Sunday morning displayed the following outages:
From the town of Shelburne, heading south, you can see the label "Sandy Point". The picture above was taken from that location. If one looks to the top left, a small triangle can be seen. Highlighting this triangle displays:

Affected Customers:9
Start Time:Friday, Feb 7, 6:56 PM
Estimated Time of Restoration :Sunday, Feb 9, 10:00 PM
Cause:High Winds

Looks like Welshtown Haven is without power yet again! Yes, we are at the top left of the map. Our property manager has already performed a quick check of the property and structurally all appears to be good. Power outage, is it a big deal then? Nope, not really. The temperature for South Shore, Sunday afternoon is -4. The house is well insulated and it takes a couple days for the house to cool down. Even at -4, with the sun shining down upon the house, it will warm it up above zero during the day. If it were a more severe cold weather, the property manager would be instructed to put a fire in once per day.  The house can be easily heated to 25+ degrees celsius through the use of the wood stove. Part of the design that went into Welshtown Haven was a passive air flow throughout the house. The heat from the wood stove heats the room it is in; as well as, the kitchen area on the 1st floor and the two bedrooms on the 2nd floor. Given the property is currently rented to a work crew, I'm sure they can figure it all out for themselves. It is in our property managers capable hands to work with them.

Fireplace at Welshtown Haven

Last weeks blog on "Hugelkultur", an Album was provided. The first couple pictures were of a Pine Tree that had been cut down. The branches were used for the "Hugelkultur"  and the heaver stuff piled for drying. Why did that tree come down? It was to close to the power line. Our property is the first of a string of about 9 residence that are depended upon a spur power line that runs through the forest and then along side Upper Clyde Rd. As responsible property owners, any risk to the local community that were identified on our property, have been addressed. We are part of the community and have a responsibility. Now, if Nova Scotia Power could have the same Social consciousness that would be fantastic.

Pine Tree Removal, Hydro Lines

The local chatter of South Shore looks to be focused on those who have lost power and within this group, some have generators while others do not. Those without, are in fear of losing frozen goods and rightly so! "4 days in Sept and now 2 days in Feb ", to be far in September, Nova Scotia was hit with a hurricane. This last weather blip, just a nasty wind storm. The local power utility is trying as best it can; however, very reactive, it has not been proactive.

On the list of items to buy for us is an "Inverter Generator", the YouTube provides an explanation of the differences between a normal generator and an "Inverter Generator". In short, everything has a circuit board in it these days and to preserve these things from being damaged, one needs clean power or a pure sign wave. For us, something to get the water pump up and running in the summer. In the winter the water pump and the Oil Fired Furnace. W are not recommending this specific Generator. The YouTube was only provided to explanation the difference.

Not local to South Shore but CTV News, has some pictures of the aftermath from the wind storm if you wish to review the damage.

A final note to this weeks blog is a historical look at Shelburne Nova Scotia's weather. The summers are Hot and Dry, while the off seasons are mild and wet. Check out this Link providing Weather Averages for Shelburne Nova Scotia.


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