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Making the best of a time and place.

2020/04/20 Bear Point, looking West toward the sunset.

Have you ever had the opportunity.... no... no... Have you ever wished for the opportunity to throw your hands up to the meat grind of life, turn you back on it all and refocus on family?

I'd guess most everyone of late has had the opportunity to turn your back on that meat grind due to current circumstances and that is why I've corrected myself on the question above. Do YOU remember those times when you proverbially (or literally) threw your hands up in frustration due to the realization of the stupidity of life, wishing that you could refocus on Family?

For many this mental line is not crossed on ones own accord. COVID-19 has forced many of us into this unlikely construct, regardless of current personal situation. You'd be surprised to know that many prior to you have turned their proverbial backs on the meat grind. Leaving that 9 to 5 job, dropping off that company sponsored electronic device for the last time, it is liberating but also disheartening. Not being part of the "System" means you're on your own.

We are a few weeks into COVID-19 Self Isolation! We can do it.... Others have removed themselves in the past and people will in the future. All's not lost! If you're silly enough to be reading this now, take a second and self reflect. Who's around you? Have you given a hug to someone you live with recently? Have they given you a hug? If so, fantastic. If you have not, I ask, why not? This is YOUR opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. It would be best if each individual had a loved one or more, living under the same roof as yourself; however, that's not always the case. With today's technology, the ability to reach out and touch someone is at ones fingertips. I'm not going to get into the technologies that exist for Video Conferencing or Voice Over IP but it all exists. No one needs to be truly alone. Take the time, make the call!

Now, a little story... Back a few years ago after the Welshtown Haven property was first purchased, the renovations began. Stripping it down to studs on the inside was relatively cheap but moving it forward to a finished product needed time and money. To move forward, we also needed an understanding of what we had bought. The solution to this was a bit of an adventure. That summer, we moved in. If you check out some Pictures of Welshtown Haven we slept on military cots in a couple places. We started in the Fireplace room then the Main Bed Room. The kitchen area was almost non existent. The Kitchen Sink reduced to about a foot of counter top, jacked up with some 2X4's. The Fridge and Stove also worked but nothing else. Truly, nothing else. The innards of the house were studded walls. Only a couple of plugs remained for electricity in the kitchen.  No Toilet or Shower. We did make many trips into town to use some publicly available washrooms and Showers. It was a very ruff summer for the three of us. Yes, the construction crews moved the property forward throughout the summer; however, the pace was slow and intrusive. It was still "Studs" late August when we left.

As a parent, I'm always concerned about what effect our actions as a parent have had upon our child. With this concern, I initiated a discussion about year ago where I'd asked for the memories that stuck out in our collective heads for that summer. It was an interesting discussion and I kept a mental note of the feedback. We'd played Monopoly many nights. Our child remembers having "Competitions" with us with I-Pad games and who could evolve a game forward fastest. Our child rhymed off all of the little patches of Blueberries and how the shade and moisture levels affected the taste and size of the berries found. Trips to the local lake while only happening a few times were a strong memory. The isolated crescent beaches dotting the coastline came up; as well as, the shells collected. What didn't come up in the discussion were the negatives and their were many.

Why is my little story being associated to this COVID-19 Self Isolation? It is what you do today and the coming days, weeks and beyond that will provide a memory for yourself and your loved ones. The memories you forge today will last a lifetime. If your so lucky to be living with a loved one, take the time to give them a hug when you wake up and later in the day. If you receive assistance cleaning the table or any task in the house say thank you. Their are so many things to complain about it is easy to self implode. It takes so little effort to look up at someone with an obvious stressed face, but smile and encourage a move forward on an issue. I'm not saying to give a false smile.... It's not about projecting a false sense of calm. Those around you know things are a bit different. Let them know that you know but are taking a positive step forward through this difficult time.

While we've got our little story about Welshtown Haven (What did you think.... this is a Welshtown Haven Blog, don't ya know!), we are also going through this COVID-19 Self Isolation. The School Board we live within is providing distant learning, allowing all kids who participate, an opportunity to complete the school term. I'm happy to say, our kid is engaged in this. This might be the new norm. While our current plight may not be as utilitarian as it was that summer, it is difficult. What I can say to you the reader is that now is the time to give the hug and stay positive. We're not through this yet but in time this all will be a memory. Work as hard as possible to create those positive memories that you and your family can pull from in years to come. Look for simple things like sunsets and enjoy them as a family.


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