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Shelburne Harbour - Sail Canada 2020... Why?

2016 From the Sea Dog, looking at a couple Albacores
What makes Shelburne Harbor and the Yacht Club's support of the Canada Sail program such an outstanding combination? Why write a blog on kinda the same topic yet again?

The Salt Wire Network Article provides the recent win and well worth the read. Of note, near the bottom of the article it confirms "This year the SHYC will be hosting the East Coast Albacore Championship regatta from Aug. 28 to 30. It’s a lot smaller scale than the international regatta, says Pedro, attracting upwards of 24 teams in the past.", this August the Town of Shelburne will yet again be a buzz with activity!

It is not just the skilled Sailors, their tiny sailboats and good media coverage that has created this opportunity. Climate and the nice geophysical thing, the harbor itself have played a big role! The community itself have further augmented an already good combination.

A couple of weeks ago just after the recent wind storm, the blog 2020-02-09 - The morning after - Yes, we had weather!, had a link at the bottom that provided wind and rain history for the area. The summers are ideal for sailing in these parts! No question about it.

The geophysical thing, the About, for the Port of Shelburne provides a full description but in short, Shelburne Harbor is known as the third best natural harbour in the world. It's big! It's deep.... and it is fantastic for sailing in!

Ok, that's the basics; however, years ago the Shelburne Yacht Club set themselves up with the Sail Canadian program to provide the CANSail Dinghy Program, this program is a standardize set of courses being offered at many Yacht Clubs, Marinas and other places offering organized water sports throughout Canada. The thought being, if a child has accomplished a given level of skill within one organization, those skills should be recognized and transferable by other clubs throughout the country.

Yes, the Can Sail program is offered throughout Canada; however, given the climate, the geography and Salt Water it's kinda floating to the top of the list for those interested in learning how to Sail, as a place to check out.... at least once.

Now, to make a good story even better, one can only add in the simplicity of the small town itself! The Town Shelburne is a small community with a big heart! Many have grown up together standing side by side throughout the years. It also has a healthy sprinkling of outsiders who've made the local area a new home. It's a community, a community receptive to vacationers. Respect the community and enjoy what it has to offer. Sailing being but one of many offerings.


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